TenPoint Viper S400 Crossbow Pro Package


TenPoint Viper S400 – NEW For 2020!

Crossbowexpert.com Pro Package!

  • Revolutionary new SAFE and SILENT ACUslide integrated cocking mechanism.
  • NEW S1 Two-Stage Trigger
  • NEW Microtrac Barrel offers improved accuracy and 50% better string life.
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The Viper S400 gives you an amazing opportunity to get into a feature-rich crossbow at a great price point. The Viper features TenPoint Crossbow’s NEW ACUslide Safe and Silent integrated cocking mechanism. This bow comes standard with the new S1 trigger, a micro-trac barrel, and much more new technology. The Viper S400 comes in two different camo patterns, Veil Alpine and Graphite Grey.

Viper S400 NEW Features

  • ACUslide Cocking Mechanism: A first for TenPoint and the crossbow industry as a whole, this crossbow can be safely and silently cocked and decocked. It is without a doubt the safest crank design on the market today. While backwinding the handle, you can stop at any point without the worry of backwinding or injury.
  • Trigger-Lock Latch: A small stainless steel latch that locks the trigger into the same exact spot every time when drawn, improving downrange accuracy by 48%.
  • Xtend Crank Handle: This crank handle extends from 5″ to 7.5″, reducing the effort needed to cock the bow to just 5 pounds. It also stores conveniently in the stock.
  • S1 Trigger: This new roller sear trigger features a two-stage, zero creep design. It has a crisp 3.5 pull, further making the Vapor RS470 even more accurate.
  • Micro-Trac Barrel: The barrel features two sets of rails, the innermost set is recessed, reducing string-to-rail contact. This not only improves downrange accuracy but it also dramatically increases string life.
  • Roller System: Two stainless steel rollers allow the trigger box to smoothly slide down the rail for comfort and smoothness while cocking or de-cocking the bow.

Additional information

Camo Pattern

Veil Alpine, Graphite Grey

TenPoint Packages

Viper S400


  • Speed (Pro-Lite Arrow): 400fps. w/ 132ft. lbs of Kinetic Energy
  • Speed (Pro-Elite Arrow): 390fps. w/ 135ft. lbs of Kinetic Energy
  • Speed (Supplied Evo-X Centerpunch Arrow): 370fps. w/ 135ft. lbs of Kinetic Energy
  • Length: 32″
  • Axle to Axle Width (Cocked): 7.2″
  • Axle to Axle Width (De-cocked): 11″
  • Power Stroke: 11″
  • Draw Weight: 250lbs.
  • Weight (barebow): 7.5lbs.

Package Contents

  • Viper S400 Crossbow in Choice of Camo (Veil Alpine or Graphite Grey)
  • Hawke XB30 Compact Crossbow Scope – Extremely High Quality with Locking Speed Ring
  • NEW Tech 6 Arrow Quiver
  • .30-06 Coffin Soft Case
  • TenPoint Neoprene Sling
  • (3) NAP Killzone 2″ 2-Blade 100gr. Mechanical Crossbow Broadheads
  • (6) Evo-X Centerpunch Arrows .001 Straightness
  • (3) Evo-X Centerpunch Illuminated Arrows .001 Straightness
  • (6) 100gr. Bullet Point Field Tips
  • Owners Manual, Warranty Info, TenPoint Decal


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