Ravin R10 Predator Camo Crossbow Package


   The Ravin Crossbow R10 features a sleek rifle-like design, with a 6-inch Axle-to-Axle measurement giving you the most maneuverable crossbow in any hunting situation.

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Ravin R10 Predator Camo Crossbow Package

The Ravin Crossbows R10 features a sleek rifle-like design, with a 6-inch Axle-to-Axle measurement allowing you to be extremely maneuverable when needed.

R10 Features

  • Versa-draw Cocking Mechanism: Very compact and fully integrated crank mechanism, reduces the draw force down to 12 pounds. The crank is fully ambidextrous with crank slots on both the right and left side of the but stock.
  • Helicoil Cams: Coil cables away from the top and bottom of the cam, keeping them perfectly level throughout the entire draw process. The Helicoil cams also rotate a full 340 degrees which is what makes this system so compact and efficient.
  • Trac-Trigger Firing System: This trigger slides down the rail to attach to the string prior to cocking, with more precise string attachment.
  • Frictionless Flight System: The Ravin arrows are free-floating above the rail, eliminating friction for consistent accuracy and increased string and serving life.

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Package Includes

Package Includes

  • Illuminated Ravin Scope
  • 3 Arrow Quiver
  • Draw Handle
  • 3 pk 400 GR. Ravin Arrows .003
  • 3 100 GR Field Tips
  • Quiver and Accessory Bracket



  • Speed (400GR.) 400 FPS
  • 11″ Power Stroke
  • 142 Ft. Lbs. of Kinetic Energy
  • Width Cocked/ Uncocked 6.5″/10.5″
  • 33″ Total Length


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