Excalibur Bulldog 440 Shooter Package

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Excalibur’s Speed Demon for 2019, the Bulldog 440!

The Bulldog 440 shoots a blistering 440 feet per second, and carrys TONS of knockdown power!

Comes with Charger EXT Silent Crank and the NEW Match Grade Pro Shot ACP Trigger.

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Sending arrows down range at 440 feet per second, this bow is the fastest EVER produced by Excalibur. The Bulldog 440 paired with the NEW Proflight arrows, (Excalibur’s straightest arrows ever), the Bulldog 440 can shoot flatter, farther, and with more speed than ever before. It even comes standard with an Excalibur Charger EXT Silent Crank, reducing the cocking effort on this bow to just 15 pounds!

  • NEW Pro Shot ACP Trigger: The Pro Shot ACP trigger breaks at just 3.2 pounds of pressure, allowing you to achieve the tightest and most accurate groups possible. With match grade precision accuracy, and full adjust-ability from a 1 to a 2 stage trigger, the Pro-Shot ACP will help your arrows hit their mark every time.
    • “Xpert Tip” – A more sensitive trigger pull eliminates the “creep” or “travel” in the trigger which can cause what looks like a well lined up shot to be pulled off target at the last second.
  • NEW Proflight Arrows: Along with so many great upgrades to their crossbows, Excalibur has also introduced their most precise and straightest arrow ever, with just a .001 +/- straightness tolerance and a .001 grain tolerance. Simply put, these arrows will find their mark!
  • Charger EXT Crank – Reduces cocking effort to just 15 pounds with a quickly removable silent crank. Also included, the fail safe strap as an added safety feature making this Excalibur’s #1 recommended accessory for their crossbows!

Additional information

Camo Pattern

Blackout, Mossy Oak Break Up Country

Package Includes

  • Upgraded Hawke XB30 Pro Illuminated Crossbow Scope ***
  • (12) Excalibur Proflight 18″ Premium Crossbow Arrows ***
  • (12) 100gr. Field Points ***
  • ExSlick Rail Oil ***
  • ExWax String and Serving Wax ***
  • T-Handle Arrow Puller ***
  • ExShield Crossbow Case ***
  • Scorpion Venom Arrow Lube ***
  • Four Arrow Quiver and Ambidextrous Mounting Bracket
  • Charger EXT Removable Silent Crank with Fail Safe Strap
  • Guardian Anti Dry Fire
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors (Installed)
  • ProShot ACP (Adjustable Custom Precision) Match Grade Trigger


*** Denotes Factory Upgrade


  • Speed [Up To]: 440 fps
  • Weight [Bow Only]: 6.2lb
  • Cocking Effort: 15lb
  • Draw Weight: 300lb
  • Draw Length: 19.5”
  • Overall Length: 35.75”
  • Width Cocked / De-Cocked: 23” / 30”
  • Stock: Bullpup


2 reviews for Excalibur Bulldog 440 Shooter Package

  1. Bryan Yu

    This package is a must have for those that are looking to get an Excalibur Bulldog 440. I wasn’t fortunate enough to find this package when I bought mine at Bass Pro Shops. I paid $1399 for just the bow and here you get everything you need to get you started on the right foot and it won’t break the bank. I’ve had my BD440 for about 3 weeks now and boy is it an excellent crossbow. I put airbrakes, a SDS kit, and in shooting pro flight bolts.

  2. Tristan

    With this package you have everything you need to be successful in the woods. The only thing you’re missing is the stringing aid and an extra string. If you’re looking to buy a BD 440 I would buy it here because it comes with almost everything for the original cost of the bow. It even comes with a crossbow case. Like I said you just need a stringing aid and an extra matrix crossbow string and you’re good to go. This bow is a powerhouse and you’re NOT going to find another Excalibur that shoots as fast as this bow. If you add the Airbrakes/SDS kit it shoots at 435FPS chronoed. Without anything installed on the bow, you’re looking at about 450FPS. There isn’t a bow out there that’s faster than this one. I promise you that and especially since it’s a recurve. You can change your strings on the hunt and not skip a beat. If you get your string snapped during a hunt with a compound bow, you’re done for the day or maybe the week depending on where you are and if you have a pro shop that isn’t that busy. Here in Maryland we don’t have too many pro shops except for Bass Pro Shops and that’s about an hour away from me and I started out with a Barnett Whitetail Pro STR but the string/cable string were always fraying after 5-10 shots so I had to go back to BPS to get the riser changed 5 times. I’ve wasted 10hrs driving because it take me an hour to get there. I finally gave up and I wanted to like the bow so I opted to get the strings/cables changed to aftermarket strings that they sold and they had to custom make the strings which took me over a week to get my bow back. If I was on an important hunt then my whole hunt would’ve been ruined. That’s when I decided to look into the recurve. Yes. Compounds look cooler but they are a POC and I am not a big fan of them. Right now, I have pink and blue strings that I can change to on a whim. I installed the Airbrakes myself with no instructions and I did not need BPS. I took the bow apart carefully and remembered how the bow looked before I started to take thing apart. If you can remove the strings and then release the stringing aid so the limbs are relaxed then you can change limbs, add suppression systems, and change limbs. With Excalibur’s you can’t go wrong. You can maintain the bow yourself and I haven’t had to go to BPS since I bought the bow. Oh and another thing, this bow and package comes with the silent charger ext because the limbs are 300#’s and there’s just no way for you to pull this back with a traditional RCD. I’ve tried and I’m not a weak person but there’s no way you can pull this back without the charger ext. The only thing I don’t like about this bow or Excalibur’s in general is that they have a manual safety not an automatic but the safety latch is right behind the scope, below the guardian anti-dry firing lever. You just have to remember to put the bow in safe right after you cock the bow. The safety is pretty big and right in front of your face so it’s hard for you to miss it. You really have to take care of what you’re doing because if you don’t put the bow on safety then that can cause injuries but it has the anti-dry firing latch so even if it’s accidentally fired without a bolt the lever catches it and it won’t cut off your fingers. I would still make it a habit of putting the bow in safe after you’ve cocked the bow.

    I would also suggest that you get the tax-pac because the tac-pac gives you the room for 3 more pictanny rails. One I use for a bipod, one for the quiver, and there’s one on the left that I have not put anything on but you can either attach a flashlight or a tacticam and film your hunts. The tac-pac was important to me because I love using my bipod but it does add some weight to the bow if you are free handing the shot. I believe you can get it on this website too. With the tac-pac makes the quiver pushed out a little so it can be mounted parallel to the stock and not horizontally so your bolts do t get in the way of your hand when you’re ready to shoot. It’s optional but I would get it. You can find all accessories on here. It’s a one stop shop and Al is the best owner. He cares about you and will always give you the best deals. No one offers you all these accessories at the same price as the bow in a pro shop. I paid $1399 for my Bulldog because there was no special on here when I bought mine but now there is a new kit. Get it and you won’t be sorry. I promise you!

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